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Abuse by nun's hands, not God's


As I have said time and time before the abused was done by the nun's hands not God's. I have said by the church because the nuns/priest represent the God's church and that is why I say the church.

I have told the names of the nuns who abused me and I have named them in my story, I will not put any other name in for these nuns as it would not be right in my eyes. I know who abused me and their names I will never forget.

I feel let down by the [church] nuns/priest because they do not want to know the truth and the priest who I have spoken to have been sent away to another part of New Zealand so as I or them do not have anything to do with me.

Now how am I to talk to the church [priest] when they do this to me every time I want to talk to them. Can you not see the same thing happening world wide. It is just like here, no we don't want you here because you talk about the same things all the time. Now if I was to go away like some other women and men befor me have, I will feel that I have let down so many people who can not speck and some one has to be their voice.

Don't you worry, I know what abuse is and like Jesus I too felt the whips and the neils as I was tied to the bed each night. Please God forgive because I can not.

You see each day there is something which brings it all back to me and I can not give it to Jesus/God because Jesus died for me on the cross and this is what I though of each and every time I was thrashed by the nuns and then the priest took the rest of my soul, after the nuns had stripped me of my innocents. Ann