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I Give You My Hand In Friendship


Close your eyes and you will see

the kindness and Love

which I have for you


I give you my hand in friendship

I give you love from my heart


1 give you my words of truthfulness

1 give you an Angel

to guard you from above


I give you the sun to keep you warm

I give you the moon

to light your way in the dark


                             1 give you a teddy

                            to cuddle and hold

I give you some mittens

so your fingers will never be cold


I give you clean air to breath each day

I give you the fragrance

from the flowers when they bloom


I give you the fruit of the land 

I give you hope for better days ahead

1 give you peace though out the lands

I will give you me ears to listen to

you when you are sad

 And most of all

I give you my hand of true friendship

                                          of kindness and love

As each day turns into night

I will be here waiting for you

when you are down

So please take my hand

as 1 need you to be my mend too.