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Half Truths

This is what we hear of all the time when bishops, priest, nuns

and their workers do not want to face what they know

that they did,

to little innocent children.

They say they can not,

 recall the survivors names,

when our names are told to them.

Some of them, when asked, why they had become the target

of false allegations,

which they say.


that Jesus was probably asking himself

the same question on the cross

 "It is the same situation . . . to be falsely accused," they said.

This is what they all say.

Who me!


I do not recall

ever known any of these people

and then they put their name along side God's name

and knowing that God died for our sins,

so as we could be saved.

It is not on

And is not in the same sense.

Because to me they is blaspheming

and like when I was a child

the nuns and priest used God's name

when ever they abused us children

 they are still doing this.

How can these bishops, priest and nuns

put themselves along the side with God

and use God's name with the evil they do.

I have let this go by all day

and waited to see if any one here would see this as I do,

but I see that you and me see thinks so differently.

Putting sexual abuse in with Jesus sufferings, 
is so wrong

and it is about time other people see

the way these evil priest and nuns

still use God's name as they did,

when they abused us

little innocent children.

They use God's name in all ways

and no one sees it as they are blinded by their own faith

and I do not care what any one says to me

and I will keep saying it:










Another way in which the church is using us in saying

that what they are doing

by only telling half of our stories,

is a way of telling their half truths.

By this I mean,

the church

does not tell the full stories

about what we have told them,

of the abuse which was done to us in the care of the church.

look you good people out their

it is not us the abuse men and women

who do not want the world to know about the abuse which was done to us.

It is the Church trying not to tell all of the truth

and by using us as a weapon in what they are doing now is so wrong

and we who were abused by the nuns and priest

want our stories told to the world

so as this abuse never happens again to any child again.

I hope that you have read my other post about the truth not coming out,

well here it is

and you the people should have an input to this as well

 because you never know who’s child or grand child will be next

because this crime will never go away until we all stand together as one people

and shout to the world





last night a priest came to the meeting and he spoke to me in a way I have never heard a priest talk to me before.

I feet like I was on the same level

as he was,

I was a person

and I know this will be so hard

for some here to understand the way I feel about this.

There were two other women there whom I did not know

and one of them were sexual abused from the age of 8years to 15years of age

 by here father.

Now, I was just sitting there

and the priest said that no one can take you faith away

and I told him he was wrong,

he ask me why and I could not tell him

until this other women told about what happened to her,

then I told him about the sexual abuse to me from 18months to 15years old.

He could not talk and I know he was so hurt about it,

 he then said,

Ann you were right about saying

I was wrong

because I now know why you have said

what you did

and you know what?

He then said

that Jesus and Mary are in me

and that I was the most perfect person

in the eyes of God.

I said no Father I am far from being perfect,

because I feel so dirty and unclean

and this is why I can not receive

Jesus at Mass time

and that being away from my God

and his Church

is killing me.

I then ask Him a question I keep asking myself from the time I got married.

Was I a Virgin when I married my husband in 1965.

He could not give me an answer until alone

and that was when he told me about been perfect in the eyes of God.

Now for years I have thought about this

so I went to see my Dr. today 2004

and what he told me has devastated me so much

that it is tearing at by heart.

He said that when the three women put the things up me

that I was still a virgin

and that it was when the priest rapped me

was when my virginity was broken

and I was a Child of Mary.

I am so gutted about this

and I feel worst now than I ever did before.

Acknowledgment to the Abuse to me in writing has being broken.

I want this to be brought up at your meeting with Sue, Christine the Mediator

we had in 2003.

The two nuns, I have taken their names out, were also there at that time

and it was Sister ….  who told me that she would write it into my apology

and I asked her this twice and she said that she would do this.

She promised me this.

My lawyer was there and my husband Brian.

When Sister …..  told me about this

I walked out of the room,

then Sue and the Mediation, Christine

came out after me to settle me down.

You know what,

I had waited for years for the acknowledgment to the abuse to me

and I was in such shock

that this was said to me from

a Nazareth House nun

and now they have

not honored their word about this.

How am I to heal

when I still hear lies from these nuns

and their lawyers.

I want the nuns lawyers to stop saying

that there was no wrongdoing from the order of the these nuns

as it is telling everyone that we are lying

and it has made me so much worse

when I saw Mr.Lee Robinson on TV saying this and it is so wrong.

Why don't the nuns take their pens

and write from their heart and with God guarding their hand

and write the truth about the acknowledgment to the abuse to me.


This gets me so bad

and all nuns get away from their evil that they did to innocent children.

Sexual abuse to children is such a vile evil action against children

and I for one will not stand by

to let this happen  

these evil nuns live a life of kings

as they have always done while people do all the work.

Wake up people!

because these evil nuns need to be made accountable

for what they did to all of the children world wide

and when it comes to nuns sexual abusing girls all is kept so quite

and every one keeps their mouths shut

and we need this out in the open.

Why will the church not talk about the nuns who sexual abused little innocent children in their so called care

and see how these evil nuns took advantage of us children.

We need to be heard and it is about time the Pope was called in to our aide,

but NO, as always children are left out there with no voice

and the only person who hears us is God,

who is waiting for these evil nuns and then they will answer to Him.


Copyright 2001-2004 Ann Thompson All rights Reserved.