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Over here in New Zealand, it is totally different how
the sexual abuse
of children is treated between Boys and Girls.
The men who were sexually
abused when little,
are having something done for them
while we women are
left in our pain and the priest's walk away from us.

After I told a Canon Law priest in 2001 about
what happened to me,
he was heard,
using it as a conversation with some other priest
in Wellington
and I was told about this
by one of the priest's sister
after he told her about it.

How can this priest violate and  disrespect
 what I had told him
and then to have no heart or feelings
of how I felt when I had told him about the
sexual abuse to me.

It was bad enough for me to talk to this priest
and they are still treating women
in the same manner
as they always have through out the years.
We women want justice done
and we will not give up until we do.
We need respect from the priest
 who interview us
about priest sexual abuse 
and we do not want to be talked down to, 
by your other priest.

We are not the ones who
wronged the innocent helpless children,
we are the children you sexually abused
and still you treat us with no respect.
We need to be heard by you
and to be believed and acknowledged.

Just remember,
God knows the truth like we do
and you Bishops who send
the priest's who sexually abuse innocent children
away to other countries
are just as guilty
as the priest who did this vile horrible thing
this is the same in the eyes of God.

You should be talking to the priest's
and nuns who sexually abuse innocent children.
Who Violated little children's bodies
and who played around with our minds.

Hey! come on,
What have you to say to the priest's
and nuns who sexually
abuse babies
and children in the Catholic orphanages.

If only the Pope would take today,
his birthday
and think of all the
children in the Catholic orphanages world wide,
who never knew the
dates of their birthdays
and who never knew their real age until years
later and even when we gave each other
a holy picture or a holy medal
which we would get blessed by a priest
before we gave it away,
it was taken off us.

I know the priest's are anointed by God
and that it should be for ever:
BUT, look here it is shamefull that the priest
who sexually abused us had
not given that a thought
of how they have also offended Jesus
and they
sexually abused
and re-abused children in the name of God.

What us innocent unwanted children could tell you
all it would blow your minds,
it is so mind-boggling
that it would send the Catholic
Church into shock.
You have only heard a little of
what went on behind
those red brick walls
and another thing what went on in the
confessionals to us little children each week.
We came out of the
confessionals as if we were
dead for what was done to us in there
and I will never tell
because I feel so betrayed by God
for what these priest's did to me.

How do you expect me to forgive them,
for what they did to me?.
I will leave this up to God to do
and I do not think God has turned  
a blind eye to what He has seen in His church
and saw what you priest's
and nuns did to us little innocent unwanted children.
He is waiting for you all
and for you bishops
who have sent the priest's away
to yet another
country to re-offend again.

We children were sexually abused
and abused of body, mind and soul,
in the name of Jesus by nuns
and priest all throughout our childhood from
little babies,
children and young ladies and men.
How on earth can we look any priest and nun
in the face today and that
was one thing we were not allowed to do,
look a person in the face and
to this day I feel awkward if I do this
and don't they say today that
if you can not look a person
in the face that you are guilty.

What I feel is that the nuns
and priest's told us not to look at them
while they abused us, 
because they did not want to see the face of
God's innocent children through us.

Everything the nuns
and priest's did to us
was done in the name of God,
so to me they also abused God
and, did He not say?
that if you harm
any of my children you do also to Him.
You have hurt God so much
through us
and you used us little children to to hurt God.
You see you
have not read your Bibles?
it is all in there about God's little
children whom he loved so much.

I do not see any priest trying to give back
what they took from us
children and that is God's love for us.
I know this is what is missing
in my life and that I should forgive.
Have you seen Fonzy of Happy Days?
How he trys to say sorry, 
well that is how I feel, because I can not.

I was sexually abused
from the age of 18 months to 15 years
and no one will help me.
The priest I have told have been sent away
and I would like to know
where is the Good Shepherds of this Catholic Church
who should be here to help us. 

I would like my 24 years of abuse story
in the Catholic orphanages told
to the Pope.
I want him to know the truth
which was done to us little
innocent unwanted children of the Catholic Church
world wide for so
many years.
Copyright 2001-2004 Ann Thompson All rights Reserved.