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My Son Robert 1

My Son Robert I



A Little Fellow Chubby and Strong

 And a slightly turned up nose

With a dusting of Feckles over his Face

And mischief where ever he goes.


Some day when a little older is he

 I hope to take him fishing with me

A little short rod and some "squid" for bait

Surely we'll catch some fish if we wait.


In the meantime Robbie and Barney will play

All over the garden and into the hay

Barney's his cat in case you don't know

Then into the sandpit together they go.


Building up castles so fine and so grand

 The tallest and Finest in all the land

Old Sol looks down with a smile and a wink

He's up to something I surely think.


As all of a sudden he hides his face

Behind a dark cloud up there in the sky

And Robbie and Barney run fast in a race

         As sudden raindrops come hurry in by.


Robbie's a great little pal to me

Whether we're home or by the sea

Of course I'm prejudice why shouldn't I be

Because Robbie's my Son and I am me.


                    If Tomorrow Starts Without Me...


If tomorrow starts without me,

 And I'm not there to see,

If the sun should rise and find your eyes

All filled with tears for me;


I wish so much you wouldn't cry

 the way you did today,

While thinking of the many things,

We didn't get to say.


I know how much you love me

As much as I love you

And each time that you think of me 

I know you'll miss me too:


But when tomorrow starts without me

Please try to understand,

That an angel came and called my name,

And took me by my hand


He said my place was ready

 In heaven far above

And that I had to leave behind

All those I dearly love.


But as 1 turned to walk away

A tear tell from my eye

 For all my life

I'd always thought

I didn't want to die.

I had so much to live for

So much left to do

                     it seamed almost impossible

                         That I was leaving you


I thought of all the yesterdays

The good and the bad

The thoughts of all the love we shared 

And all the fun we had


If I could relive yesterday

 Just even for a while

I'd say good-bye and kiss you

And maybe see you smile


                      But then I fully realized

                    That this could never be

                     For emptiness and memories

                      Would take the place of me


And when I thought of worldly things

I might miss come tomorrow

I thought of you and when I did

My heart was filled of sorrow.


But when I walked through heaven's gates

I felt so much at home

When God looked down and smiled at me

From His great golden throne above


He said, "This is eternity

And all l've promised you.

" Today your life on earth is past

But here life starts anew


I promise no tomorrow

But today will always last

And since each day's the same way

there's no longing for the past


You have been so faithful

So trusting and so true

Though there were times

You did something

You knew you shouldn't do


But you have been forgiven

And now at last you're free

So won't you come and take my hand

And share my life with me


So when tomorrow starts without me

Don't think we're far apart

For every time you think of me

I'm right here, in your heart.