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Who Am I???

                                             I have ask myself this
                                           and still do not know.

                                                I am like the slaves

looking for my roots.

I am like the Lepers

who were said to be unclean. 


I am like the lost generations

who were unwanted.

I am a child of this world looking for love 

I am a mother and grandmother of today

Still I say who am I?





Deep in the heart of the forest

Where the fern and the Supple Jacks grow Where the tall trees spread their shelter

Is the quietest place I know


A place where fairies must surely be

It's so quite and peaceful beneath the trees

Perhaps they come out when the moon comes up

To find a nice spot where they can sup

With a tiny flower for a loving cup.


In clothes of pretty colours bright

You can see them all at night

I am sure if you go there again

You will see the fairies ring alight


I have seen the fairies dance about 

on the moon beams iri and out

With little shining wings so clear

I wish that you could have seen them too.