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Good Shepherd Nuns Cont.

The Magdalene Nuns not Sisters in New Zealand

The Magdalene Sisters

The Magdalene Sisters were run by the Good Shepherd nuns over here in Christchurch new Zealand and they were the nuns who dragged me up from 2½months old to 10years old, we use to see the young girls and women when ever we went over to their convent church for mass on Sunday and the girls were opposite us with the nuns on the left hand side and the Magdalene Sisters were behind us. We never saw their faces as they were always behind a grill at mass the priest would go back and give them Holy Communion through the grill.

The young girls were from the age of 14years and up, they should not have been there as some of them were taken away from their families, some girls the Nazareth House nuns put up there and they did the laundry for every one, even the army sheets and towels. Us little children were not allowed to look at them when we went for walk over there and I use to think that one of them were my mother.

These same Good Shepherd nuns looked after us and they would go back and forth between both sides, you can just imagine how they treated us little ones after what I saw on The Magdalene Sisters it was not half as bad as what got done to me by those nuns.

The thrashings of their belts came rushing though my head and my god! how they would keep on gaining more and more strength as they whipped me, never once did they stop for breath. The pounding of their belts across me back which bled and left their marks did not bother then at all. And they call themselves holy nuns. I have a lot of names for these nuns and they are not holy ones at that.

Then me nightmares continued on to Nazareth House and it was far by far worst than the Good Shepherd nuns, is it any wonder I can not do anything for meself and I feel so helpless.