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Nazareth House nuns Names

Nazareth House
The Nazareth House order of nuns were and still are called
"The Little Sisters of The Poor."

These are some of the nuns names I remember when I first went to Nazareth House and where they worked: = also the underlined nuns worked at both Nazareth House and St. Josephs Boys Home, that I know of.


Nazareth House Christchurch New Zealand.


Sister Veronica

Sister Teresa Cayline

Sister Charles

Sister Blandina

Sister Theresa Anthony

Sister Michael Uresula

Sister Stanislas

Sister Thecla

Sister Felicity

Sister Bernadette

Sister Bernadine

Sister Bride

Sister Gabriel

Sister Simeon

Sister Whillamina

Sister Lucilla

Mother Pascal

Mother Rose

Nazareth House nuns at St Josephs Boys Home.


Mother Adrian

Sister Peter

Sister Ildephonsus

Sister Gertrude

Sister Stanislas

Sister Thaddeus

Sister Muir

Sister Joseph Kevin

Sisiter De Moffit

Sister Lucilla

Behind the Gothic facade of
 Nazareth House,
New Zealand
were the impressive stairways,
long corridors,
former classrooms,
dozens of dormitories.
The first three stages of construction
was completed in 1908
and used by the Sisters of Nazareth
as an orphanage
for unwanted parent less babies
and children 
A refuge for homeless people,
the elderly,
ladies and men.


Much of the interior was spartan
and sunless
and belied the lively facade
which faced
Brougham Street.
Long ago declared impracticable
and beyond maintenance
as a home
for the elderly people
 and children.
The building is now being demolished.
Most of the building's materials,
including the bricks, slats, stones, ironwork
and interior fittings,
are being salvaged by demolishers
for sale
and also some to be used for the new
Nazareth House
which will be used for the elderly
Men and women
also for the
retired priest and nuns.

          It is also used for a refuge
for the priest and nuns
who  sexual abused and abused
children who were living in their care
years ago. 
The new building was completed in 1987
and is at the rear of the
Brougham Street section.
The Chapel, at the west end of
the old building,
is being retained
and it still looks the same as above.


The pictures of the basins and the dormitories

were on the 2nd floor

and you do not need to look hard

to see

that not one toy or doll

is on our beds.

It is because we had  none.


No little Teddy to hug at night

to ease my pain.

No pretty doll to dress up

or to kiss her good night.

No motherly love to put me to bed

and talk me to sleep.

No kind words said to me at night time

to show they cared.

No warm hand for me to hold

to show me the way.

No love was there ever in Nazareth House

because the nuns did not care

for the little girl

who did not know how to love

and no one cared.