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Good Shepherd Nuns Cont.


 I loved going to school, the kind nun is my teacher. she is so sweet.

She is short and fat and looks really great. Mother Francis of Rome.

She never had a bad word to say to us. this is what all of the nuns should be like. They have sent her away.

Why do they do this to me? when I need her so much.

I will never see her kind face again. Good - bye kind lady.



It is late at night, we are all in bed.

There is a little red light on in the room where there is a commode for us to go to the toilet. There is a little light coming towards me.

 I would hide under the blanket so Mother Euphrasia would go past me. I thought that if she did not see my face, she would not hurt me.


Oh no.! not for me again.!

I am pulled out of bed by my hair and then my ears.

I am dragged down the stairs to a big room were there are high windows. It is dark and so cold. I am only in a nightdress. .

I never had a dressing gown or slippers like some of the other girls,

I put it down to that I had no parents to buy me any.


This room has no lights on.

"Why am I here at night by myself?" There is someone out there. I can hear her. What is she going to do to me this time?


Each time the nuns did these horrid things to me, I would asked Mary and Jesus to take me away.

"I have not being bad, Jesus! Can you see me? If so take me before she hurts me again. If you leave me here, I know that I have not suffered enough for you."

"Please help me to bear the pain for you."

 There is something at the high windows. It is a man's face.

"What is he going to do to me?"

"I am scared Jesus, hide my face with your hands so I can't see him."

He is still there. His face is white. It looks as though his whole face wrinkles up like a rag. Now it is big again. I start to cry and then scream.

"I am sorry Jesus for letting you down."

 There is someone out there, the face has gone away. The door opens. "Who is there?"


I can't see for the light comes into the room, from outside.

It is my kind nun, she has come back for me.

She told me that Mother Euphrasia did this to me so as I would not be like my mother. Mother Francis of Rome took me to her bedroom for the rest of the night.


"You did hear me Jesus. You sent my kind friend to help me."

She left the next day. There was another convent up the road, which had the bad girls. [Mount Magdala.

That was were she was, so I knew from then on that she was not far away.




We are all taken down to the swimming pool each day, not to swim but for punishment, because we wet our beds.

A big girl gets in the deep end of the pool and then one at a time we are thrown into the water were the girl is waiting for us.

Each time that I come up, she would push me down again.

We weren't allowed to help each other or we would be punished again.


I did not know that this punishment was because I wet my bed.

I always thought it was because I could not swim.

I had to stand in front of the dining room at breakfast time and wear my wet sheet on my head, while the other children ate their meal.


Which ever nun was with us at that time,

she would help the big girls by pushing us into the swimming pool. The nuns were the ones organizing the punishments.


WE were teased about the "Bogey Man" in the dark and this made me very frightened of getting out of bed at night.


We had a mackintosh on our beds with one sheet over it, then a sheet over us with one blanket. I remember being very cold all of the time, both day and night. This went on every day until the age often years, when I left St. Joseph's.



We were out on the swings one-day and a dog came, it was jumping up at me, so I climbed up the chains of the swings. I was going higher and higher.

So when I saw the man talking to the dog I came down. The man was the pig man. He started to chase me.

I ran into the convent were I knew I was not allowed to be.

It was the only way I could get away from this man.

There was no one to help me.

 I saw a room with a piano in the corner, were a nun was sitting at it playing. I ran to her, she hid me behind the piano.

I knew then, that she was the one nun I could go to. I gave her a hug.

She smiled at me. I felt a warm glow go though me.

What was this feeling?

It made me feel so good. I loved it.

Mother Francis of Rome.

 In the play ground there are tall trees all along the driveway, as well as climbing roses, which grow over the archways.

I loved to climb to the tops of the trees and look down on everyone.

I can hide up here too. If! stay up here they can not get me.

The pig man has come. Did he see me climb up here?

 The birds flyaway whenever I move.

He can see me now, I have climbed down to go to the toilet.

I start to ran, there is a big ditch across the driveway which I have to jump over. I miss and fall down it, the pig man goes away.

Will he get help for me?

It is getting dark, I can hear someone coming, they get me out.

 My head is cut open again, I went to the hospital and stay there for a while. Why is it that the Doctor who has seen me not help me, or do anything for me. Mother Francis would come to see me, just like the first time.

I still get bad headaches from the fall and the cupboard which full on me.

The pain gets so bad sometimes that I think my head and ears would burst open.


I have phoned the hospital in Christchurch who have tried to get records a bout these two falls but they could not fmd anything about me at all.

So if! didn't go to the hospital when I fractured my skull, where was I sent to? The scar and the dent are still in the top of my head.




I was taken up to the grotto were the nuns had wild rams, I was put in the paddock

with them. The rams chased me, while Mother Euphrasia watched. I would run away and fall over and had to stay in the paddock. I was so scared.

Whenever I went to the fence and start to climbed half way over,

Mother Euphrasia would push me on to the bar-wire and start to slap me across my face. My hands would be covered in blood.


I had done no wrong. She kept saying as always. It is because of what my mother had done, she had to do this to me. This would happen every Sunday afternoon, when it was fine. We went for walks, over to the other convent, to pray at the grotto. [Mount Magdala.]




When we were locked in the broom cupboard, the nuns told us that we had to stay there until the "Bogey Man" came for us.

I don't like the dark or my bedroom door shut at night. When I go out by myself, I look behind me more than in front of me.




I could darn socks from the age of five years.

If I left little holes in the weaving of the darned socks, I was slapped across my face by Mother Euphrasia.




Between the age of five and ten years, if ever a nun died.

We had to walk over to Mount Magdala to keep vigil over the dead body, during the night. This was so scary.

There was a cloth under the coffm, which went right down to the floor. The older girls would get under the coffin and make these terrible sounds.


We had to kiss the dead nun on her face and make a gard ofhonor down a long drive way with tall trees on each side


We weren't allowed to move, talk or make any noise. We just had to stand there. God help you if you fell over or went to sleep, you wouldn't see the light of day. In other words you were beaten when you went back to St. Joseph's.